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Lesson Idea – That’s a wrap!


Wrap up your lesson with a great energising ending.


A quick overview of what you covered during the hour helps to “glue” that learning into students’ minds. It makes it easier to recall later – and gives students (and teachers!) a sense of accomplishment!

Award winning teacher, and friend of Quizling Meg, reminded us of all the things students need to do in a day. Follow their footsteps as they go around school learning about Maths, Science, PE, Relationships, English, friends, History, Netball, Maths coaching, home! Phew – how do they stop it all from blurring into a meaningless haze?

It’s important to give them the space to digest your lesson before moving onto the next thing.


Make it explicit what you learnt today!





Upper Primary; Middle School, High School; College

All subjects

All levels



Steps 1, 2, 3

-Create a quiz of 5-7 questions

-Play Quiz with students calling out answers!

-Share the quiz with your google-classroom page for easy reference and revision!



Lesson Plan



Teacher created Quizling on todays lesson

Device plugged into smartboard or projector



Aims and Outcomes

Students will retain more from today’s lesson with a fun quizling

Students will be better able to revise or revisit key information with a fun Quizling revision tool!


Download Lesson Plan PDF