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Before your quiz goes ‘live’ – you need to ‘publish’ it. 

This is very simple! 

Just tap ‘publish’ on the Quiz Builder page! 


Publish Settings

Quiz Visibility: Public or Private


Public means that it is ‘live’. 

Private means only you can see this quiz (but it’s saved to the cloud). 

The Private Setting could be useful if you were preparing a quiz that you didn’t want a class to see beforehand.



‘Learning Area’ and ‘Grade Level’ will help other players find your quiz.

Tap the icons to make your selections.


Select the language in which the quiz is written.

Add any tags that might be relevant to your quiz – again this will help other players find your quiz.


Tap ‘publish now’ to publish your quiz. 

Remember, you can return to this page at any time to add to or edit any of these settings.