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Lesson Idea – Do I know what you know?


Use Quizling to check your students’ knowledge before starting a unit of work.


Students bring knowledge, experiences and sometimes misinformation into our lessons!

Great teachers understand that knowing what your students know before you start – saves time, leads to higher engagement and better outcomes.

Quizling co-founder Damien Trask re-wrote a unit on Australians at War when he realised his class knew enormous amounts about the Australian experience of Gallipoli; and huge amounts about the Nazis – but had conflated their understanding to believe the Nazis were at Gallipoli!

Quizling makes this fun!




Upper Primary; Middle School; High School; College 

All Subjects



Steps 1, 2, 3

– Create a 10 question Quizling highlighting key points of the unit

– Play Quizling – individually on 1-1 devices or using the Quizling Answer Sheets

– See a snapshot of learning on the Quizling Group Portal!


Lesson Plan



  • Teacher created quiz on Quizling.
  • 1 device plugged into smartboard or project OR individual devices.


Aims and Outcomes

  • Check student understanding of key events, dates, individuals and elements of a  unit.
  • See what students know, misunderstand, or what gaps in their knowledge need to be addressed.
  • Create a unit that best addresses students needs and knowledge gaps – everyone’s  a winner!

Download Lesson Plan PDF