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Tap the ‘groups’ icon on the bottom right of your home page. 

This will take you to your Groups page. 

All the groups that you have made and are a member of are displayed on the groups page.  


Tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the Groups page.

This will take you to the “Group Builder’ page. 


On the Group Builder page – tap to give you group a name. 

You’ve only got 20 characters so think carefully! 



Tap ‘change symbol’ to go to the ‘Symbol Picker’ – here you can select a symbol from your group!

More symbols are being added all the time!


Next choose the permissions for your group. 

– if your group is publicly visible or private

– Who within your group can share quizzes to the group

– High score visibility within the group.


Tap ‘done’ when you are happy with your choices! 

This will return you to the ‘Groups page’ where you’ll find your newly created group!

But if you change your mind later – don’t worry – you can change any of these settings at anytime!