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Lesson Idea – The Club Trivia Challenge!

Harness the fun of Club Trivia for your class and… your students create the questions!

The best learning occurs when students are actively engaged, collaborating and creating their own learning.

Build community, use technology properly and step back and become a guide and a facilitator! 

Using Quizling in your class makes all this super-easy and fun!

What’s needed for your Club Trivia Challenge!

– Your Learning Stimulus

– 4 or 5 iPads or Tablets

– Blanks to write their answers on (click to download)

– Smartboard or Digital Projector

→ Go for broke! A quiz can be written on anything!


2 – Divide the students into teams of 4 or 5.

→ Mix up the teams a bit – have some extroverts and introverts and kids with different learning styles. 

→ You’ll be surprised how this Club Trivia Challenge gives everyone a chance to shine! 

3 – Their challenge is to spend 25 minutes reviewing the stimulus and to create a 5 question quiz.

→ They are to write questions, get some tricky answers and enter their quiz into Quizling.

→ Remind the kids that while you want tricky – you don’t want too tricky! (Basically, no one is interested in how many fullstops are in paragraph 2!)

→ Also, they are to research and include at least one ‘Did You Know’ factoid! 

→ Make sure the kids know that you’ll give bonus points for great questions, beautiful images and interesting factoids!


4 – Give each team the stimulus and one iPad or Android Tablet and start the clock!

→ Advise the teams not to speak too loudly – lest the other teams overhear and get an advantage!

→ While they’re working – move around the teams and give out some help, hints and clues!


5 – After 25 minutes – Start the Club Trivia Challenge!

→ Each team takes it in turn to come to the front, plug their tablet into the smartboard or projector and lead the quiz round with the class!

→ Remember to change the play options in Quizling from ‘autoplay’ to ‘manual play’. 

(Click here to find out how to switch between auto and manual play modes!)

→ The other teams write their answers onto their answers sheets.

→ At the end of each round – call out the scores! This quickly builds team spirit and fun! 

→ If one team is getting too far in front or behind… you can award bonus points to keep the game alive!

→ Maybe throw in a round of ‘heads or tails’ at the half way point! Get the kids moving a bit more!

6. At the end of the Club Trivia Challenge…  The team with the highest score wins!

→ The really value is in the creating, the learning and the playing.

→ Have extra ‘kudos’ for the best question, most interesting ‘Did You Know’, or funniest answer!

→ The best thing about this format is that it’s easy, great learning, and builds the class community.

Make a league and play it every week or two! Now that’s a win!

Send us an email with your ideas, or better yet, send us a link with your student’s quizzes!