Martin Luther King Jr believed that men, women and children – regardless of color or religion – were all members of the human family. Throughout his life, he fought for all people to be equal, to be free from injustice, and to be treated with dignity. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr won the Nobel Peace Prize.

How did an ordinary boy born in Atlanta become a National, and International hero?


(i) Play the Quiz on MLK. Project the leaderboard and encourage students to play multiple times to reach the top! Keep refreshing the board and watch them improve!

(ii) Once students have played the quiz multiple times and are very familiar with the details, as them “What sort of values do you think MLK had? What do you think was important to him?”

Students should be able to talk about Christianity, God, Learning, Kindness, Family, Community

(iii)Give students the MLK silhouette handout. Ask them to fill in his silhouette with words and images that reflect the man, where he came from, who he was and his values. Cut the silhouettes out and decorate the classroom or desks with these. These are great values that students should be reminded of throughout the term.


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