“Museums should be places where you raise questions, not just show stuff.”  – William Thorsell

Today is #MuseumSelfie Day! Check your social media feeds for great pics of museum and gallery staff, visitors and even works of art taking selfies.


Its a fun day to think about the role that museums play in our lives.


My favourite part of Quizling is working with our Museums. Whenever I walk through an exhibition with a curator, or an educator or a guide – the stories behind items amaze me. Museums, and libraries and galleries and archives, hold our histories and our stories. If you start asking questions about the art, the objects, the maps, the letters, the wonky coins – you will find funny, heartbreaking, terrifying and all to relatable stories.



Quizling grew out of the concern that education was changing, but not fast enough. Asking a question is actually really hard. You have to have a base level of knowledge, you need to be curious, you need to be constructing a narrative between the known and the unknown. You need to identify the gap – and articulate it. At that point – no matter what the answer is – the learning is well and truly underway. And it isn’t just kids!!


In 1988 Darling Harbour in Sydney was opened, and along with all those hundreds of thousands of other school children, I caught the bus into the city, with a plastic shopping bag with a popper and a sandwich, and visited First State ’88! It was the boldest thing I’d ever seen, and I still remember the aeroplane hanging from the roof! We trapped through hall after hall of music, and video and stuff! And thirty years later I remember it.


As a teacher I love taking students to our museums. Recently I visited the ROME exhibition at the NMA with a class. We were there maybe a little too long, and I was worried they were getting a crabby. Walking around and checking on them, I kept finding my students giving little impromptu guided tours for other visitors! But they weren’t just telling stories – they were posing questions, connecting the known and the unknown; connecting their own histories to Rome.


So on #MuseumSelfieDay – go look at the some stuff and asking some questions! 40 degrees too hot? Download a quizling from one of our museum partners and enjoy a collection that belongs to you – from your air-conditioned comfort!


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