In the ballet the Nutcracker, Clara’s godfather Drosselmyer brings toys for the children. A magical Nutcracker dressed like a soldier is broken by Clara’s brother Fritz. In the middle of the night, Clara sneaks down to check on the Nutcracker, and becomes part of a battle between Mice and Gingerbread soldiers.

In this lesson, students are inspired by the magical events and dream up scenarios with their favourite toys.


(1) Read the story of the Nutcracker (you might like to listen to some of Tchaikovsky’s score!)

(2) Play the quiz!

You can also the quiz using the Quizling mobile app!Download the app free on AppStore and Google Play.

(3) Students think of their favourite toy. They give it magical abilities and write a story about what happens next! 

Tip! Tell students to listen closely to the music. Can they hear when the battle is being fought? Can they tell when it is safe and Clara helps defeat the Mouse King? Play the music and students should be inspired by it to structure their plot! 

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