Have an image and ask How many leaping lads? What did my true love give me on the 5th day of Christmas? What were the maids doing? What was in the pear tree?


Lesson Idea

Did you know: In the UK the true love sends the gifts, and in the US the true love gives the gifts!

There are lots of little changes that have happened to the lyrics of this song that most of us have grown up with. At one time it was a juniper tree, not a pear tree; and there has been a lot of controversy over the calling birds (coloured birds? Colly birds?)

(1) Play the 12 Days of Christmas Quiz and see what things you can remember!


You can also the quiz using the Quizling mobile app!Download the app free on AppStore and Google Play.

(2) What would you do with a house full of milking maids, or leaping lords? Are these the gifts you would want over Christmas? Print the Quizling 12 days of Christmas template and create your own 12 gifts! Don’t forget to fit the pattern! Day 1 = 1; Day 8 = 8!!

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