This is a christmas classic! If you’ve used our lesson the Muppet’s Christmas carol, then your students will be familiar with the story!

This lesson asks students to think about traditions – why do we love this story so much? 

(1) Ask students to tell you about Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the three ghosts. Why did the Ghosts visit Scrooge? What lessons do we learn (generosity, kindness, forgiveness, a second chance – you can change your ways)

(2)Play the Quiz – find out about the traditions of a Victorian Christmas, Who was Charles Dickens? 

(3)Students find out the history of some of Christmas’ biggest traditions – Where did Santa come from? Who sang White Christmas? Why do we put coins in the pudding? Why do we have mistletoe?

(4)Students use their research to write a quiz! Share the quizzes on your school’s facebook, twitter or website! Call this the Christmas Challenge. You can do this for any holiday or theme throughout the year!


To create your quizzes download the Quizling mobile app!Download the app free on AppStore and Google Play or create a Quizling account using the Quizling Learning Portal.

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