Problem solving can be …. Merry?? Of course it can! It can also be competitive!!

(1)Have students play the Quizling Christmas Math quiz. Project the leaderboard on the board, and have students play to win! THey can play the quiz as many times as they like, learning the math as they go! Everyone will master the quiz – the top is the person who is correct and FAST! That only comes with practice!


You can also the quiz using the Quizling mobile app!Download the app free on AppStore and Google Play.

(2)Ask your class – who is better at Math? Them, or the class next door?? Challenge is set!

(3)Write down questions in the style of the Quizling Christmas Math quiz. They should check their answers with each other. The trickiest 10 questions can go into a new quiz! Once students have created their own quiz – they should share it with the class next door! 

(4)Both classes play the quiz – who can get the top score now??

You can challenge the class next door to any type of Quiz! At Quizling – we believe that creating quizzes leads to the best learning!

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