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It’s time to get up and moving! 

Tell students that this lesson is spelling – say it in such a way as to get lots of groans!


(1.) Students should play the Spelling Christmas Quiz. Encourage them to play the quiz and get to the top of the leaderboard (project the leaderboard on the board!). 

(2.) Divide students into 3 teams. Each team lines up facing the board at the back of the classroom. Give the first person in each team a marker.

(3.)Call out words from the quiz. Students run to the board, write the word – with the correct spelling – and run back to their team. The first person to write it correctly gets a point! (the team might like to help out by calling out the spelling – but they will also be helping other teams!)


Use this technique throughout the year! Students of all ages love it, it gets them energized and makes spelling fun! Using the team to help supports students of lower abilities.


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