Christmas is always so fun in the movies! Everyone has big houses, lots of snow, delicious turkey – and sometimes they get to be Home Alone! What Christmas movies will you be watching this year?

Have students call out their favourite Christmas movies and stories! Write a list on the board – encourage them to get excited!!

Play the Quiz – do you know what movies these are?

You can also the quiz using the Quizling mobile app!Download the app free on AppStore and Google Play.

Movie Review – Students choose their favourite (or worst!) Christmas movie to review. Discuss elements of a film review – they should rate the movie out of 5 stars, include the cast, some favourite parts, why they love it, how it makes them feel, but not give away any spoilers!! Use Hedley’s template to support this work! 

A great task that combines holiday fun, authentic writing task, and creativity! Plus – you might just find some new movies to watch this year!


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