Children and families will play a traditional game with a dreidel during Hanukkah. IN this lesson, you can make your own dreidel, learn about the significance of the four sides, and play a game!

Using the template from Hedley Bearmonkey, create your own dreidel. Download the our printable template.

How to play!


If you run out of counters, your friends might like to make you a loan to keep the game going!”

Each person starts with 10 counters. These could be chocolates, peanuts, tokens or coins.

Each person puts 1 of their counters into the pot.

Going around in a cirle, each person takes a turn to spin the dreidle. If it lands on Nun – you get nothing. If it lands on Gimel – you take everything from the pot! If it lands on Hei – you may take half of what’s in the pot. If it lands on Shin you need to put another counter in!

Each time the pot is empty – everyone puts another counter in.

Keep taking turns and doing rounds and until 1 person has won all of the counters!


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