At Hanukkah many families share the story of Judith, the heroine who saved Hanukkah!You can find the story online here.

To check for understanding, play the Quizling quiz – Judith – the woman who saved hanukkah! 



Play on Quizling webplay or on the mobile app.



Play on Quizling webplay or on the mobile app. 

There are lots of women who have been very brave. They have fought in battles, they have been smart and strong and saved the day for many people!

Think of a woman who has saved the day for you! Is it your mom? Your coach? Your teacher? Your doctor?

Many artists have been inspired by the story of Judith. Here are a few.


Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Cristofano Allori

Judith and Holofernes – Donatello

Judith with the head of Holofernes – Peter Paul Ruben

Judith – the Maiden of Peace – Botticelli

Make a class list of all the amazing women who have saved the day! Create an artwork to celebrate that person. Be sure to add a caption to it, so that we all know who she is, and what she has done!



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