One of the reasons we started Quizling was to get away from worksheets! They just seemed to end up crumpled in the bottom of bags with dead bananas, no matter the font we used!

But today I gave a workshop to some 11-15 year olds on Gamification. Without clueing them in, I gave them a worksheet on Antarctica. For a delightful group of kids, I really had to work that room to get them to put phones away, focus on the worksheet, only 12 questions multiple choice questions, you can do it, stop talking, focus focus focus!

I asked them to write down what they enjoyed about the task “Nothing” “Is Not Applicable an answer?”

They then answered the same questions on Quizling(play the quiz), the only thing I had to say “Stop playing in 5…4…3…” was met with “hold on” “Just 1 more minute”! 

12 kids, 69 plays. Has any kid ever done a worksheet 5 times??



Engagement. Retention. Collaboration. 

Such a great snapshot of what Quizling can do in the classroom, in 15 minutes



Publish your first quiz! Step-by-step guide on how 

to create a quiz on Quizling.


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