Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays.Aside from spending time with the family and enjoying delicious food, its also the perfect season to incorporate thankfulness and lots of turkey stuff into our lessons!

Bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to your class with these exciting activities!

Can you think of something you are thankful about for every letter of the Alphabet?This simple activity from The Crafting Chicks will teach students to appreciate the things they already have.

Source: The Crafting Chicks


A wonderful way to learn about food,  colors and collaboration.

Source: Masterpiece Momma


Fact or Opinion- Thanksgiving Edition

Distinguish facts from opinions about Thanksgiving!

Source: Miss DeCarbo 


You can also use paper strips, popsicle sticks or any material of your choice.

Another way to play the gratitude game is to randomly stick different colors of sticky notes at the bottom of tables or chairs before students arrive.


Source: Teach Beside Me

               Planning Playtime


Decorate Your Classroom Door Together

Think of a Thanksgiving theme!Pilgrims, Indians, The Mayflower or Thanksgiving food. This Turkey classroom door from Teaching Special Thinkers is so easy and fun to make!

Source: Teaching Special Thinkers

Pumpkin Pie Fraction

You can practice your  fractions with pumpkin pies too!

Source: Creative Family Fun

Thanksgiving Trivia!

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Where was the first Thanksgiving feast held? Challenge the entire class to this Thanksgiving History quiz. 

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