1. Introduce a new Lesson!

Learning about the Solar System? Start the lesson with a quiz about planets!


2. Check for Understanding

Wrap up the class with a quick quiz to assess what they’ve learned or better yet, have them create their own questions!


3. Making Homework fun!

Make homework exciting by sending students quizzes they can play at home!Their score on the leaderboards can be their activity score.


4. Peer review

After a lesson, each student will create a quiz about the topic discussed and challenge the whole class with it for a fun peer review!


5. Remembering Class Rules

Help students remember classroom rules by turning it into a game!


6. Fun activity for early finishers

We always have students who finish earlier than the rest. Prepare a set of quizzes they can play while waiting for others to finish. It can be a spelling exercise or a recap of what you discussed last week!


7. Assess what students already know.

Quizling co-founder Damien Trask re-wrote a unit on Australians at War when he realised his class knew enormous amounts about the Australian experience of Gallipoli; and huge amounts about the Nazis – but had conflated their understanding to believe the Nazis were at Gallipoli!Quizling makes this fun!